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CAD Design

See This Gallery for examles and computer renders of my work.

Wax Model making animation:

Below is an example of a custom design, from idea, to finished piece, cast and fabricated circa 1995.

This design was one of several drawn for the customer at the point of sale. It was on the back of a repair envelope, so please excuse the picture quality.
The head, for this .61 ct., SI1, F Marquise Diamond, is rolled from flat Platinum stock & formed to the shape of the stone. The metal is welded rather than soldered at this point. The "V" prongs are much larger to secure the stone better without side prongs.
The wax model for the 18K yellow portion of the ring.
Here we see the rough yellow casting with the Platinum side pieces in place. The sides are the filed to shape, and fitted for the center head.
The polished ring ready to set!
The finished piece. Beautiful 18K yellow gold and 10% Iridium Platinum. Handmade for the finest quality, and solidly built for generations of everyday wear.

John works with Matrix by Gemvision.
See how waxes are made,
and view a gallery of CAD design HERE

All work on this site was made to order. Copyright 1995-2018, All rights reserved.
These pieces are not available, but are here to help serve as an aid for design ideas.
For help in this area, I may be contacted at:
Studio 2015 Jewelry, Woodstock, IL

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