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Pendant - November 2005

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Citrine carving by Michael M. Dyber
Gold work and Design by John A. Christensen G.G.

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Tonkinese Breed Association Pin (year 2000) Family Pendant in 14K Michael Dyber Amethyst,   2nd Place Award Winner IJA 1997 family pendant enhancer Michael Dyber Ametrine, JC Pendant First Place Award IJA Design 1998  Michael Dyber Ametrine  John Christensen Pendant Michael Dyber Ametrine,  Pendant by John Christensen Amber and 14K WITH BUGS! Ametrine and Diamond 18K, Emerald and Diamond 14K black bear claw Blacl Opal & Diamond, 14K/Plat Pendant and Earrings in Opal and Diamonds water drop pendant Blue Topaz Slide Diamonds in the sides too! A Christmas gift to my wife,   18K / Plat, Yellow Sapphires & Diamonds 2 tone slide with Diamond

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